PIC32 & PIC18 Breakout board



What is it?

Simple breakout board for PIC32MX2xx AND PIC18F25x microcontroller


Dual Card, designed to quickly test the firmware on the 2 platforms, PIC32MX2 and PIC18F25k

The common characteristics:

  • Mini USB
  • Power from USB (if enabled)
  • Possibility of dis/enable the external oscillator clock or use the 2-pin assigned to it
  • Reset button
  • ICSP connector (In-circuit serial programming)
  • Input power supply regulated at 3.3v
  • Power ON Led

The PIC32 version also allows the selection of the positive analog reference voltage to VCC / Power ext. , and if the pin VUSB is plugged to USB power or VCC.

Board version 1.0

Why did you make it?

To test/debug my hardware/firmware



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