PCB vs 1.2f


Dedicated OVEN controller with LCD, USB connectivity & WiFi capabilities, is designed to control electric ovens (but not only), and can be used in stand-alone mode (with LCD touch screen), via Serial,USB or WiFi (802.11 b/g/n).

I did this pcb to control an electric oven that I use for welding (SMD) components, from time to time i change the PCB to meet my requirements or add different functionality

Some features on the card:

  • Isolated Zero detection of AC Line with Optocoupler
  • Main Crystal 8Mhz (=> 72MHz)
  • 3 Thermocouple Input (Detect sensor polarity, Not Attached), Protected & filtered
  • 2 Connectors to read temperature from another area (1-Wire or Analog)
  • Can read Temperature from -200°C to +1600°C
  • Programming connector (SWD) + Serial (TTL) Pins for firmware upgrade
  • 1 Tactile Reset Button
  • LCD/Touch Screen Header connector/Display port/Expansion port
  • Fan Header (PWM Controlled) 12V
  • 2 Oven PWM/On-Off Header
  • SMT Transducer Buzzer
  • 32-bit ARM Cortex-M3 core
  • Wireless connectivity 802.11 b/g/n
  • O/S Multitask
  • The Onboard Wifi module can be powered off with Jumper
  • Header for another (different) Wifi module and Wifi IO
  • Power efficiency > 80%


If you think this board may be improved in some way let us know, we will work on future revisions with your feedback in mind.

Technical Docs

Board version 1.2f


03/02/2018 Update PCB, firmware for ESP8266, changed some chip more cheap and simple to found

07/02/2016 Update PCB to vs 1.2, ESP8266 firmware quite ready, need debug, USB connector removed (signals now on the expansion header), board hole size/position, now are compatible with Multiboard & Display port PCBs, changed the power section, use more efficient chips.

10/06/2015 PCB fab accept new Board layout

26/05/2015 Published preliminary Board layout (vs 1.1a)

03/05/2015 I not write much, but work continue… part of the firmware is done, but found some small hardware problem, so i’ve rebuilt the board, soon i public some photos, in the meantime i must stop build firmware and send gerber to PCB factory (after redefine some hardware details)


04/04/2015 Board assembled, with only 1 thermocouple, without WiFi


02/04/2015 PCB Arrived

17/03/2015 PCB ready and shipped

09/03/2015 sent gerber file to farm

02/03/2015 published preview 1.0

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