LED Panel


test finished successfully


  • Simple low parts count
  • Wide input voltage range: 6V to 30V
  • Up to 1.2A output current
  • Up to 1MHz switching frequency
  • Typical 5% output current accuracy
  • Inherent open-circuit LED protection
  • High efficiency (up to 97%)
  • High-Side Current Sense

This is a test board to check some ideas about LED Panels, is very basic circuit. Can control White Leds / RGB Leds and is chainable

Technical Docs

Version 1.1



09/03/2015 Gerber files sent to farm

17/03/2015 PCB ready and shipped

02/04/2015 PCB Arrived

04/04/2015 Partially assembled 2 boards, 1 to test electronic and 1 to test leds (only 24)


17/05/2015 test made, succesfully! but i put too many leds on the boards!!, also i must protect the PWM pin, i found that PT4115 is very sensible on the PWM pin, and is very simple burn it! (i do 2 times!), so i prepared a little different version of this board (vs 1.1), the test are made with 16v for leds, all the leds are white, but is possible control also RGB leds

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