Display Port


preview 1.0 – on Hold


General Display board


The card is thinked to be used together with MULTIBOARD (from 1.0b version) or SMD OVEN F1

Also is possible have small EEProm on it.

Some features on the card:

  • Directly connectable to MULTIBOARD or SMD OVEN F1 (trough FPC connector)
  • Small EEProm (25LC256)
  • Power regulated on board at 3.3v (with possibility to exclude regulation)
  • Micro-SD card (already to decide)


I use this card to test the firmware for the SMD OVEN F1, but basically can be use for/by many other boards, including Arduino

If you are interested on this board, please contact me! :)

Suggestions/Opinions are welcome! write it! we need feedback

Technical docs

Board version 1.0



02/07/2015 Sent noard to PCB farm

28/06/2015 First pubblication of preview