Breakout Boards

A bounch of cards to experiment with STM32 chips (some of the most used chips) & other (at the moment only STM32)

The project mini-board consist of an eco-system of boards wich is possible to use with the BASE board.

The BASE board can be used not only with various breakouts but also with other commercial boards.

I made the Base board becouse i need to have the usual things that i need when i develop my circuits, without many cables/boards around.Paragraph

With this board you have trought hole connectors for DIP boards, M.2 connector and PCI (2x), 3 USB to Serial connector, Some Leds, Reset Button, Automatic programmer for ESP boards, SD-Card connector

  • STM32F030K6
  • STM32F103CB
  • STM32F103RE
  • JTAG
  • BASE